IMOU Bullet 2E Wifi Security Camera

IMOU Bullet 2E Wifi Security Camera

  • 2 MP Wifi Network Camera (Model: IMOU Bullet 2E)
  • Resolution: 2 MP (1920 x 1080)
  • Smart Monitoring with AI Human Detection
  • Weatherproof
  • External Waterproof Reset Button
  • Diversified Storage
  • Cloud Services
  • Multiple Lens Options
  • Multiple Installation Options
  • Wi-Fi:IEEE802.11b/g/n, Dual Antenna

 14,500  16,400

IMOU Bullet 2E Wifi Security Camera

Colorful World, Even at Night

Human Detection | 1080P | H.265 | Smart Color Night Vision | Built-in Mic | IP67 Weatherproof | Built-in Spotlight | Dual Antenna and MIMO | Soft AP Mode | Cloud


Smart Color Night Vision:

Four smart night vision modes provide clear full color or black-and-white pictures even in complete darkness.

Infrared Mode:

Advanced IR algorithms provide clear black-and-white pictures even in darkness.

Color Mode:

Thanks to the two built-in spotlights, your night vision is now lit up and in full-color. Color Mode also offers outdoor lighting for your home.



Smart Mode:

If you switch to the Smart Mode, you can enjoy black and white night vision. The spotlights automatically turn on upon detection of suspicious motion, which shows you vivid full-color image when something happens.

Off Mode:

Provided that there’s no needs for outdoor lighting at night, switch to the Off Mode to avoid any light pollution.

Human Detection:

Powerful image processing technology quickly finds human targets in images and immediately sends a notification to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor what matters without receiving annoying false alerts.

1080P Full HD Video & H.265 Compression:

The 1080P sensor and advanced IR algorithms provide crystal clear video both day and night. The cutting-edge H.265 compression reduces network bandwidth and storage usage by 50% at the same video quality.

Built-in Spotlights in IMOU Bullet 2E:

When the camera detects intrusion, with built-in spotlights, Bullet 2E actively keeps unwelcome visitors away from what you care before you notice them.


Built-in Microphone:

High quality microphone picks up sounds clearly while monitoring.

Alarm Notification:

Sends instant alerts to your smartphone whenever it detects motion, keeping you aware of what’s going on at home or shop from anywhere.

Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot:

Bullet 2E supports soft AP mode, so you can stream the video, play recording even when there is no Internet connection.

Dual Antenna and MIMO:

Dual Antenna and 2×2 MIMO technology resist interference, even at long ranges in IMOU Bullet 2E Wifi Security Camera.



IP67 weatherproof design for use in multiple scenarios.

External Waterproof Reset Button:

Press and hold for 10s to reset the camera. It’s unnecessary to open the cover and the operation is more convenient.

Diversified Storage:

Video is easily stored and accessed through SD card, NVR or Cloud Storage in IMOU Bullet 2E Wifi Security Camera.

Imou Cloud:

Imou Cloud makes your life easier with notifications, live video streaming, and one-touch firmware

Multiple Lens Options:

Different focal length for different scenarios.


Wifi Security Camera Price in Pakistan:

CCTV camera security systems are available at a variety of rates on the market and we are providing best Wifi camera price in Pakistan. It is quite advantageous to us in terms of protecting our home and belongings.

Using Wifi security cameras, we can monitor and check the ongoing procedure as well as review previous recordings. In offices, CCTV cameras are required to keep an eye on employees and check their work dedication and behavior. And, on rare occasions, a catastrophe can be advantageous.

It’s also useful around the house. You can only utilize CCTV cameras if you are not at home and wish to check if someone has entered the house when you return. It allows us to assist the victim in any manner we can.

Installing a reliable CCTV camera is a wise decision because a security system gives you a head start when it comes to safety. Whether you own a business or simply want to keep your family safe, such equipment is necessary.

However, installing a CCTV camera is not enough; you must also ensure that it is a device that is both trustworthy and high-quality like IMOU Bullet 2E Wifi Security Camera..

Regular inspections and maintenance are also required to keep it in good working order. Commercial facilities, such as office buildings and retail stores, must carefully evaluate integrated security systems. Although security personnel on the ground floor provide some protection, their eyes and ears are insufficient to maintain a careful eye on the entire institution.

This is where CCTV security cameras come into play in a company’s day-to-day operations. A CCTV camera put on your property will, without a doubt, serve as a significant deterrent to criminals and those who participate in illicit activities.

Anyone considering committing a crime is deterred by the presence of a CCTV camera, conveys a sense of danger and the presence of the law in IMOU Bullet 2E Wifi Security Camera..

IMOU Bullet 2E Wifi Security Camera. systems can keep track of what’s going on in the area where they’ve been put. You can visit www.hikvisionstore.pk By monitoring the activities of workers and visitors on your company’s premises, you and your employees may have complete peace of mind about.



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