6 Port Fast Ethernet Switch With 4 PoE CPPLUS

100% Original 6 Port Fast Ethernet Switch With 4 PoE CPPLUS

  • Model: CP-DNW-HP4H2-6
  • 4×10/100Base PoE Ports
  • 2, 100Mbps; Transmission Distance: 0-100m
  • Max 60W Output
  • 200M@10MB CCTV Mode Switch
  • 1 Year Warranty


6 Port Fast Ethernet Switch With 4 PoE CPPLUS is a safety surveillance Ethernet Switch that targets at Ethernet Reach VLAN, QoS priority after setup, get a handle on the Internet storm, and protect the info Security, stop the viral jack and transmission attack. Ethernet cable is suggested for attaining the greatest transmission space! Every 100 mtr each power vent drop will likely probably soon be approx three to five g. After 250 mtr accessible POE electricity Faculties of security protection, provides fast packet routing ability and abundant Backplane bandwidth, that ensures crisp image and eloquent transmission.

The transmission distance Depends upon the signal cable and source caliber; regular Cat5e/6 Protection circuit may improve product equilibrium. The Solution supports you crucial CCTV version, can Security surveillance program and Ethernet endeavor requirements. It comes with high definition surveillance and infra-red job security technique.

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